Tooth decay can result in dental pain and impact our quality of life. Once decay is removed, the missing tooth structure should be replaced with a filling to restore health and function.

The cavity is filled with a choice of:

  • composite resin (tooth colored or white fillings)
  • dental porcelain (tooth colored)
  • gold (precious metal)
  • dental amalgam (old fashioned silver)
  • glass ionomer (also tooth colored but for special cases)

 We shape the filling's surface to closely match your teeth's natural contours.  Your filled cavity should feel and function just like your natural tooth when we're done.  Usual dental hygiene combined with regular professional dental cleanings is all that is required to preserve your fillings and keep cavity causing bacteria at bay.  For those patients especially prone to dental decay, we recommend frequent application of concentrated fluoride varnishes to slow the progression of cavities. 

Services - Restorative Fillings 1

Three common locations of cavities:
1- On top of the tooth
2- Between 2 teeth
3- At the gumline

Services - Restorative Fillings 2

Teeth are prepared to hold fillings crown is put in place.

Services - Restorative Fillings 3

Teeth are filled with composite resin, amalgam or gold to restore function.