Your mouth (oral cavity) consists of hard tooth tissue (enamel), resilient gums (periodontium), strong muscles and ligaments (tongue), bacteria, and saliva, which together help us to enjoy and digest our food, communicate with the one-another, and live a healthy life.  Daily at-home teeth brushing with over-the-counter fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and rinsing with an American Dental Association approved anti-bacterial mouthrinse (Listerine) in combination with biannual professional teeth cleaning is recommended to maintain optimal health and functioning.  Within 8 hours, if food debris is not removed from tooth surfaces, it interacts with natural oral bacteria forming dental plaque.  Dental plaque causes malodor (bad breath), gingivitis (gum inflammation), and dental caries (cavities) if left unchecked.  A professional teeth cleaning (prophylaxis) removes dental plaque and harder to remove dental tartar (teeth scaling) easily and comfortably leaving your teeth smoothly polished and your gums free of inflammation.  Teeth stains generally accumulate due to a diet high in pigmented foods (blueberries, chocolate) and beverages (coffee, tea, soda); most teeth stains are quickly removed during your routine dental cleaning with polishing paste or an ultrasonic cleaning device to brighten your smile instantly.

Services - Preventive Teeth Cleaning