Fluoride treatments for adults are a part of our preventive dentistry services for those that are at high risk of tooth decay or for those that experience teeth sensitivity.  For patients with a high tooth decay rate, a combination of in-office (fluoride varnish) and at-home (Prevident) prescription strength fluoride is used; this helps to slow the progression of cavities (caries) by adding mineral content back into your enamel and buffering the bacterial acids that cause tooth decay.  Prescription strength fluoride toothpaste is 1.1% sodium fluoride (5000ppm), which is 4 times stronger than over-the-counter fluoride toothpaste; and in-office, 5% sodium fluoride varnish is 20 times stronger.  Patients who are at high risk for tooth decay are those with dry mouth, excessive sugar intake (soda, candy), or those undergoing chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer.  General teeth sensitivity to cold stimulus is also addressed by the application of prescription strength fluoride varnishes in combination with regular teeth brushing with a Potassium Nitrate (Sensodyne) toothpaste.  For children and adolescents under the age of 15, a biannual application of prescription strength fluoride varnish (5% sodium fluoride) in the office, along with daily teeth brushing with an over-the-counter, American Dental Association approved fluoride toothpaste is recommended to keep their teeth healthy and free of decay.  For naturally dark or stained teeth we recommend teeth whitening procedures either at home or in the office with prescription strength hydrogen peroxide gels.  Prior to whitening your teeth in our office, we prescribe a 2 week, daily Fluoridex (1.1% sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate) toothpaste application to minimize post-whitening sensitivity.  Our in-office ZOOM whitening procedure brightens your teeth in one, 90 minute session and provides you with custom take-home whitening trays for future touch-ups.  Most commonly, fluoride is applied after your routine dental cleaning to remineralize enamel, keeping your teeth healthy and strong.  Ask your dentist or dental hygienist if fluoride treatments are appropriate for you.

Services - Preventive Flouride Treatment