The most critical aspect of your oral health is daily care and consistent check-ups. Tooth decay and gum disease can tarnish your smile. Both are caused by bacteria and can only be detected with x-rays and a clinical exam. As part of our preventive dentistry services, we perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums and suggest ways to avoid periodontal disease and tooth decay.

We also thoroughly review your medial history to ensure we treat you safely and properly, evaluate your TMJ, and perform an oral cancer screening for your peace of mind. Any questions regarding your smile and overall oral health will also be addressed at this time.

Intraoral Digital Camera
To show you what we see when we look at your teeth, a small intra-oral digital camera snaps magnified still images of your teeth that can be enlarged and immediately displayed on our LCD screens.  Patients find it easy to understand and we are better able to diagnose problems earlier, faster, and more reliably.

Services - Preventive Diagnostic 1

LCD Screen with enlarged tooth.

Services - Preventive Diagnostic 2

Hand held camera snaps magnified images of teeth.