Some teeth are beyond repair. A failed root canal, dental abscess, severe periodontal disease, or extensive tooth decay may result in an unrestorable tooth. In this instance, tooth extraction helps to relieve and maintain the health of your gums and bone. Fortunately, missing teeth can be restored with dental implants and implant crowns. Removal of teeth that will be restored with dental implants is performed in our office by our periodontist under local anesthesia.

Wisdom teeth can pose many threats to your dentition. Wisdom teeth that are partially out the gums are prone to dental abscess and tooth decay. Wisdom teeth can come in at awkward angles causing deep gum pockets, gum disease, or tooth decay around neighboring teeth. These teeth are often very difficult for you to keep clean at home and very difficult for your dentist to optimally restore. Wisdom teeth can also potentially shift front teeth causing crowding or rotated teeth. For all of these reasons, wisdom teeth are recommended for removal. Your general dentist may remove your wisdom teeth, or a referral to an oral surgeon can be made for difficult cases.