Laser Dentistry


The Picasso Laser is a precision instrument that provides beautiful results with greater comfort and reduced recovery time. Our dentists have the skills to apply laser technology to solve a broad range of cosmetic and restorative dental problems.

Laser Solutions

Severely damaged teeth: Instead of more costly and invasive surgery (crown lengthening), we use the laser to gently and painlessly remove inflamed gum tissue to reveal healthy tooth structure, which ensures perfect fitting ceramic crowns. This wonderful technique eliminates an additional visit to the periodontist and the need for temporary crowns.

Teeth whitening: A bright smile is healthy and attractive. A special laser and gel application eliminates dark pigments inside your teeth providing the confidence to smile without hesitation. A quick laser session provides instant brightness to your teeth, perfect when you need white teeth right away.

Smile symmetry: Uneven gums can play tricks on a smile, making teeth look slanted or unusually out of proportion. Too much gum can make teeth look short. To create a more satisfactory appearance, we can reshape the gum line using state-of-the-art gingival laser sculpting resulting in a more natural and pleasing smile.

Gum plastic surgery and biopsy: Annoying or suspicious lumps on the inside of the cheek, tip of the tongue, and lip can be removed quickly using the laser and sent to the laboratory for complete analysis.

Cold sore treatment: We can instantly reduce the symptoms and shorten the lifespan of painful and unsightly mouth sores by gently lasering the offended tissue without the need for local anesthetics or stitches.

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