To achieve the ultimate degree of esthetics and natural feel, an all-ceramic restoration (metal-free crown) is used to mimic the translucent qualities of enamel and bond directly to the underlying tooth for dependable retention and durability. This type of restoration can be used to replace an unsightly silver filling on a molar tooth, a front tooth with a root canal, and sometimes to replace a missing tooth area (i.e., bridgework).

Recent advances in dental porcelains have produced a remarkable product.  Ceramic crowns are positively outstanding for their natural appearance and long-lasting strength and durability. No longer do patients have to suffer with the unsightly dark blue/black lines around the margins of crowns or the opaqueness of the porcelain that tells everyone as soon as you smile that you've been "capped".

A ceramic crown can achieve the ultimate in tooth shape, size, and color. The final result is completely dependent upon your dentist's skill in shaping the underlying tooth, taking an accurate impression, and artistically creating the crowns with the ceramist.

These ceramic crowns are so "life-like" they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. These attractive restorations usually can be placed in one or two visits.